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Tell the government you want realistic BC Highway Speed Limits!

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Let’s talk about tires

With the recent heavy snowfall in the normally temperate Lower Mainland, the subject of mandatory winter tires made the news. Unfortunately (as is so often the case) media coverage has been high on emotion and opinion, while falling short on facts. When SENSE BC is...

Video Release: Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 2 – Lying With Statistics SENSE BC and videographer Chris Thompson are pleased to announce the release of Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 2 – Lying With Statistics (SKYP2). Six years ago the viral hit Speed Kills Your Pocketbook attracted nearly two...

Who’s Driving the Anti-Motorist Bus Regarding BC Speed Limits?

Setting the record straight. by Ian Tootill [Revised for accuracy November 10, and again on November 15, 2018] During October in BC, the anti-motorist crowd of taxpayer-funded academic cycling advocates was hard at it again. This time they ran to the media waving a...

SENSE BC1 week ago
Orwell’s snitch society; a bill to share parking fines.
SENSE BC1 week ago
Who thinks this will win GM new customers? "General Motors will start selling car insurance again, this time using data its cars collects from customers' driving habits to determine their rates.

Drivers who obey speed limits and show other good road behaviors will receive lower rates, the company said Wednesday."
SENSE BC2 weeks ago
This is where we are headed.
Rishi Sunak 'considers plan to charge motorists per mile they drive'
The Chancellor is reportedly 'very interested' in the idea of a national road pricing scheme - which would steer British motorists into a new 'pay-as-you-drive' type system, according to the Times.
SENSE BC4 weeks ago
In other news...
SENSE BC1 month ago
"In August, Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes said he had enlisted 10 other capital region municipalities to take part, noting reduced speeds will reduce deaths and injuries, and help fight climate change by making side roads safer and encouraging more people to get out of their cars and walk or cycle.

Saanich Coun. Ned Taylor said he had wanted the speed limit dropped to 30 km/h, since it’s safer, but the rest of council preferred to stick with 40 km/h, the option “preferred by regional partners that we’re working with.”

Taylor said he’s pleased that council is moving forward on the issue. “This is an important issue and overall we’re making progress, and this is a good first step.”

Brownoff said dropping the default speed limit to 30 km/h would make it tougher to get participation from other municipalities.

“Our goal was to see how many municipalities we could get in the tent.”

Corey Burger of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition said there is considerable evidence from other cities that a 30 km/h speed limit is the best option to reduce crashes, “and also to increase the comfort of people who are walking or hiking.”"
SENSE BC1 month ago
New salvo about to be fired in the war on the driver: Mobility Pricing.
3 days ago
Congratulations to new Minister of Transportation @Rob_Fleming on your appointment by @jjhorgan.
We look forward to seeing your vision for BC Transportation policy and working with you going forward.
1 week ago
New Yorkers would be paid to rat out illegal parkers under City Council bill SENSEBC photo
1 week ago
GM to sell Onstar car insurance using data from its in car driver spyware.
2 weeks ago
Rishi Sunak considers plan to charge motorists for every mile they drive on Britain's roads
3 weeks ago
GUNTER: Lowering the speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h is a solution in search of a problem

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