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Tell the government you want realistic BC Highway Speed Limits!

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Let’s talk about tires

With the recent heavy snowfall in the normally temperate Lower Mainland, the subject of mandatory winter tires made the news. Unfortunately (as is so often the case) media coverage has been high on emotion and opinion, while falling short on facts. When SENSE BC is...

Video Release: Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 2 – Lying With Statistics SENSE BC and videographer Chris Thompson are pleased to announce the release of Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 2 – Lying With Statistics (SKYP2). Six years ago the viral hit Speed Kills Your Pocketbook attracted nearly two...

Who’s Driving the Anti-Motorist Bus Regarding BC Speed Limits?

Setting the record straight. by Ian Tootill [Revised for accuracy November 10, and again on November 15, 2018] During October in BC, the anti-motorist crowd of taxpayer-funded academic cycling advocates was hard at it again. This time they ran to the media waving a...

SENSE BC3 weeks ago
"The New York-based company made its splashy newspaper debut a year ago by claiming it had collected over 3 billion photos of people’s faces and touting its connections to law enforcement and police departments. But the startup has faced a slew of criticism for scraping social media sites also without their permission, prompting Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to send cease and desist letters to demand it stops.

In a statement, Canada’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner said its investigation found Clearview had “collected highly sensitive biometric information without the knowledge or consent of individuals,” and that the startup “collected, used and disclosed Canadians’ personal information for inappropriate purposes, which cannot be rendered appropriate via consent.”"
SENSE BC1 month ago
Hamilton vandals.
SENSE BC2 months ago
British drivers caught speeding by speed cameras in the European Union will no longer face an automatic fine when they get home, now that the UK is no longer a member state. Since 2015, and the introd
SENSE BC2 months ago
Campbell River man appeals ticket, saying he was not touching the phone while podcast played
SENSE BC2 months ago
“Police in Canada’s largest city reported that a 360-kilogram photo radar speed camera was somehow stolen from its home near a busy intersection.

Under normal circumstances, police said, the camera would only be moved with the aid of a hydraulic lift.

The camera has not been found and no arrests have been made”.
SENSE BC2 months ago
Everyone remember this crash featuring the Lamborghini pictures with many juicy stories and chatter reinforcing the speed kills stereotype? Turns out the perpetrator was driving an SUV.

"A 29-year-old Gibsons man has been charged with four counts of dangerous driving in connection with a September multi-vehicle crash on the Sea to Sky Highway that sent six people to hospital including two children.

Whistler RCMP say Christopher Irwin was driving a Land Rover northbound on Highway 99 at Daisy Lake, seven kilometres south of Whistler, when he struck a northbound Lamborghini. The collision sent the Italian sports car into an oncoming lane where it collided head-on with a southbound Toyota Corolla."
6 days ago
Chicago’s new 6 mph speeding ticket rules start Monday, and they’re looking lucrative for city
1 week ago
Ignore a speed reader board, get a ticket: some #LangleyBC drivers didn’t take the hint
2 weeks ago
Dystopia, India style: How traffic cameras work and issue challans: Violation tracking, fining explained #scameras #photoradar via @FinancialXpress
3 weeks ago
Belgian, French And Italian Speed Cameras Attacked

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