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Tell the government you want realistic BC Highway Speed Limits!

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Let’s talk about tires

With the recent heavy snowfall in the normally temperate Lower Mainland, the subject of mandatory winter tires made the news. Unfortunately (as is so often the case) media coverage has been high on emotion and opinion, while falling short on facts. When SENSE BC is...

Video Release: Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 2 – Lying With Statistics SENSE BC and videographer Chris Thompson are pleased to announce the release of Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 2 – Lying With Statistics (SKYP2). Six years ago the viral hit Speed Kills Your Pocketbook attracted nearly two...

Who’s Driving the Anti-Motorist Bus Regarding BC Speed Limits?

Setting the record straight. by Ian Tootill [Revised for accuracy November 10, and again on November 15, 2018] During October in BC, the anti-motorist crowd of taxpayer-funded academic cycling advocates was hard at it again. This time they ran to the media waving a...

SENSE BC4 days ago
“It looks like the Germans are about to get a dose of the same. “Safety” hasn’t been warbled about yet – perhaps because Germany’s high-speed Autobahns are very safe. The overall accident rate is lower than that of the American Interstate System, probably because Germans are schooled and skilled to handle high-speed driving to a degree most Americans aren’t. And – being schooled and skilled to safely handle unrestricted speed driving, German drivers are almost axiomatically more skilled and safer drivers everywhere they drive.

So “safety” may not sell.”
SENSE BC2 weeks ago
Remember.... it's not about the money.
SENSE BC2 weeks ago
Also kill switches coming to the US. “The new speed limit assist system "will become mandatory on new cars in 2022 uses a forward-facing camera mounted on the car and the vehicle's satellite navigation system to identify the speed limit and, if the car is exceeding it, to restrict the fuel flowing to the engine until the vehicle is at the limit speed," British automobile magazine Autocar said. “
SENSE BC3 weeks ago
You'd think after decades they would get the messaging and wording accurate. Also, after so much scrutiny of media about sloppy reporting and fake news....
"Speeding is the leading cause" of crash fatalities - is just wrong. To say something is a "cause" or "leading cause" of something, it needs to be mostly to blame and speeding (over the limit) is a primary contributing factor in a minor number of crashes in BC. It's also important to understand the difference between speeding "over the limit" and "speed related". The category of "speed related" covers a lot of offences, including excessive speed which can accompany intoxication and speeding too fast for conditions, which may not entail speeding at all (for instance driving at or under the speed limit on snow and ice). So, it is misleading to have a byline like this without making the distinction(s). We could go through this puff piece and rip it apart. Suffice to say, same as it ever was, there's money to be made on the roads, and police and ICBC will warn you so they can say they did just that before they reach into your wallets.
SENSE BC4 weeks ago
Two motorcycles and two vehicles were impounded by BC Highway Patrol for speeding on Highway 99. Officers from the BC
SENSE BC1 month ago
This is big.
Less photo radar cash may mean cuts to Edmonton police, traffic safety.
B.C. government quietly tables changes to the way drivers fight traffic tickets
Is the BC Government Trying to Keep You From Having a Lawyer in Your Traffic Ticket<br>Case?

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