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Sociological Effects of Photo Radar... 

"Big Brother is Driving" Time Magazine, 28 (November 23, 1953)
"As invisible as the Thought Police in Orwell's chiller [1984]"

Claire Corbett, "Road Traffic Offending and the Introduction of Speed Cameras in England: The First Self-Report Survey." Accident Analysis and Prevention, 27.3 (1995), p. 353.
"It is possible that present 'contentment' could evaporate, to be replaced by alienation of the average driver, which is something that both police and government would wish to avoid."

Public Attitudes Towards the Use of Automatic Cameras for Enforcement of Traffic Law Infractions. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, Traffic Safety Research Department, 1990, pp. 47, 51
"Our findings could indicate that radar cameras have the potential for an opposite effect from reduced speeding. Moreover, the sum total of the resistance to the perceived unfairness of this enforcement may be generalized to other forms of law enforcement."

"... the use of the camera ironically could lead to an exacerbation of overall speeding."

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