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North American Jurisdictions Using Automated Traffic Enforcement

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This information has been gathered from media and research sources. SENSE does not assume any liability pertaining to the accuracy of the information presented. Readers are advised to verify information they intend to rely upon.

Please e-mail SENSE if you can add to or correct any information on the following table. "PR" refers to photo radar (speed cameras), "RLC" refers to red light cameras.


(BOLD: Specific)
Type Date
Reason Ended
Canadian Jurisdictions
Calgary City Police PR 1988 ACTIVE Multanova  
Edmonton City Police PR 93 Mar ACTIVE CPT  
Lethbridge City Police PR ? ACTIVE ? ?  
Medicine Hat City Police PR ? ACTIVE ?  
British Columbia
Province Integrated Traffic Camera Unit PR 96 Aug 03 01 Jun 27 ATSC Implemented by NDP Government
RLC 99 July 15 ACTIVE USPT Implemented by NDP Government
Province Provincial Police PR ? Cancelled CPT Implemented by NDP Government, Defeated in Election
Province Toronto, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Ottawa-Carleton, Peel and Waterloo RLC 00 Nov 20 ACTIVE CPT
Winnipeg Police Service PR+RLC 03 Jan 01 ACTIVE    
Province   PR early 1970's Cancelled   Public Opinion, Unreasonably Low Speed Limits, Lack of Judical Support
Province   PR Proposed     Proposed by NDP government (1995-96)
US Jurisdictions
Anchorage Dept of Traffic PR 96 Mar ? Cancelled ATS Public Opinion, Referendum, Lack of Judicial Support
Chandler n/a PR ? ?    
Flagstaff n/a PR ? ?    
Glendale n/a PR ? ?    
Mesa City Police PR 1996 ACTIVE USPT  
Paradise Valley City Police PR 87 Oct ACTIVE ATS  
RLC 96 Aug 19 ACTIVE ATS  
Peoria City Police ? PR 90 Mar 91 May 1 ATS Public Opinion, Referendum (5:2 against)
Phoenix n/a PR ? ?    
Scottsdale City Police ? PR 1996 ACTIVE ATS  
Tempe City Police PR 97 Feb 17 ACTIVE USPT  
RLC 97 Apr 18 ? ACTIVE USPT  
Campbell City PR 90 Apr 25 1998 Multanova? Abandoned
Culver City   RLC 1998 Sept ACTIVE Sensys Traffic AB  
Cupertino   PR April 13, 2001 ACTIVE    
Danville City Police PR 90 Oct 93 Apr ? Multanova? Cost, Administrative Burden, Dissatisfaction with Vendor
El Cajon City Police ? RLC   ACTIVE ?  
Folsom   PR 90 Dec 93 Jan USPT Cost, Administrative Burden, Lack of Judicial Support
National City   PR 91 May ACTIVE USPT  
Oakland   PR       No legislative authority
Oxnard City Police RLC   ACTIVE USPT  
Pasadena   PR 88 Jun 92 Jun TMT Cost, Lack of Judicial and Public Support, Vendor Problems
Poway City Police ? RLC   ACTIVE ?  
Riverside   PR 91 Feb 1996 USPT->ATS  
Roseville City Police PR 90 Jun 12 92 Apr Multanova? Lack of Police and Judicial Support, Dissatisfaction with Vendor
San Diego City Police ? RLC 98 Aug 01 ACTIVE USPT  
San Francisco n/a RLC 1998 ?    
San Jose Dept. Streets
& Traffic
PR 96 Feb ACTIVE USPT "Neighborhood Automated Speed Compliance Program (NASCOP)"
Boulder Public Works PR 1998 July 7 ACTIVE ATS ? Trial phase
Commerce City   PR   ACTIVE ?    
Denver   PR 1998 Dec 01 ACTIVE USPT 3 units
Fort Collins City Police PR 1996 ACTIVE ATS  
DC Beltway   PR       NHTSA Trial
Washington Metropolitan Police Department RLC May-June 1999   USPT  
Batavia   PR 1992 Cancelled TMT Lack of public support, Vendor problems
Glen Ellyn   PR        
DuPage Railroad n/a RLC ? ?    
Howard County   RLC ?        
Montgomery County Department of Public Works RLC ? ? EDS  
Oakland County   PR     USPT  
Kalamazoo County State Police, et. al. PR 91 Jun 91 Dec ATS NHTSA Trial, Warning Tickets Only
Bloomington   PR        
Minneapolis   PR ?        
Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT)   PR ?        
St. Paul   PR ?        
Kansas City   PR        
St. Louis   PR 96 Dec ACTIVE   (including 3 counties)
Reno   PR Not Implemented     Considered
New JerseyPhoto Radar Outlawed!
State State Police PR 1991 1993 ?   Test program
New York
New York City City ? RLC     EDS ?  
North Carolina
Charlotte   PR ?        
Beaverton City Police PR 96 Feb ACTIVE USPT  
Gresham   PR        
Portland City Police PR 96 Feb ACTIVE USPT  
Arlington   PR 1976 (3 months)   Orbis III Early Trials of First Photo Radar
Friendswood   PR 1987 ?      
Galveston County, Precint 8   PR 86 Jul 87 Jul   Public Opinion
La Marque City Police PR 1987 (3 months)     Public Opinion
Tennessee Department of Transportation   RLC Proposed ?      
Leighton   PR 1991   TST
Sensys-ARC 110
Murray ?   PR        
Garland   PR 90 Nov Active ? Multanova?  
Huntington City PR n/a n/a Multanova? 6-Month Trial Period, No Community Support
Wellington   PR 91 Fall Active ? Multanova?  
West Valley City PR 91 Oct 96 May ATS Change in State Laws
Sandy City City PR 95 Apr 96 Apr ATS Public Dissatisfaction leading to a Change in State Laws
Virginia (legislation to expand use rejected by legislators Feb 2001)
Alexandria City ? RLC 1998 ?      
Arlington City ? RLC 1998 ?      
Fairfax City ? RLC 1997   USPT  
Vienna   RLC Proposed ?      
Federal Way City ? PR 95 Jun - Not Implemented Cancelled ATS Voted in by Council -> Reversed, Not Implemented, Vendor Dissatisfaction
Eastern WA. State Police PR   Trial Only USPT ? NHTSA Trial, Warning Tickets Only
Clark County Traffic Dept PR 1998 ACTIVE USPT  
WisconsinPhoto Radar Outlawed!
Madison ? PR ? ? ? ?
See the vendors page for a list of the vendors and manufacturers.
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