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Speed Stats

Speed variance and crash risk

This graph shows that crash risk is minimized for those drivers travelling 10-15 km/h over the average speed. (Average speeds in BC are almost always over posted speeds.) Contrary to popular belief, there are more crashes at slower speeds than at faster speeds.

Raw speed and crash risk are not directly related, however, there is a U-shaped relationship which shows few fast drivers involved in crashes, and many more slow drivers involved in crashes.1

BC speed limits target safe drivers

Under current BC speed limits, safe drivers are included within the red enforcement zone (the fastest 15% of vehicles). Speed enforcement should only target the top 2-5%.

Enforcement tolerances set by police are often incorrect and result in even lower tolerances.2

Proper speed limits increase safety

Setting speed limits according to the standards of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (the 85th percentile method) will…
* focus enforcement on dangerous drivers, not revenue collection
* increase speed limit compliance
* provide greater consistency of speed limits
* reduce speed variance resulting in reduced crashes

The 85th percentile is the speed to which 85 percent of drivers travel below (under average, free-flow conditions).

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Toronto cyclists frustrated by speeding tickets handed out in High Park SENSEBC photo
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@camsmith3428 Because if you are on the road you are subject to the MVA of the province and you are obliged to ID yourself when requested by a PO.
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#Scameras in Ontario. Winning new friends and influencing people every minute, every hour, every day. #onpoli
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@ctv_jon @CTVToronto Everything wrong with government in this story. $85k in fines paid so far by the City of Toronto (for PR & RLCs #scameras), only 20% collected from employees (more useless work on the tax payer dime), and and ERT tix of course.
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Maine the latest state to abolish civil asset forfeiture.

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