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Government and Political Sites

Enquiry BC
Victoria: (250) 387-6121
Vancouver: (604) 660-2421
Elsewhere in B.C.: 1-800-663-7867
Outside B.C.: (604) 660-2421

Premier Christy Clark

Office of the Premier

Telephone: (250) 387-1715
Fax: (250) 387-0253

Solicitor General Shirley Bond

Minister’s Office
Honourable Shirley Bond

Telephone: (250) 356-7717
Fax: (250) 356-8270

Government of British Columbia
Legislative Assembly
BC Laws

Ministry of Transportation and Highways

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

BC Provincial Court
BC Superior Courts (BC Supreme Court and BC Court of Appeal)
Supreme Court of Canada

BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA
End the NDP

BC Police Sites

Integrated Traffic Camera Unit (ITCU)
The BC photo radar police site! no longer active

Municipal Forces
New Westminster
VancouverWest Vancouver
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
DriveSmartBC – Home of Behind the Wheel
excellent information on traffic policing

Other Photo Radar Users

See also the SENSE “North American Jurisdictions Using Automated Traffic Enforcement
and “
Manufacturers and Vendors of Automated Enforcement” pages.

Victoria, Australia

New South Wales, Australia

Photo Radar

Roads and Traffic Authority

Photocop a very extensive pro-automated enforcement site


Traffic Safety Research

Synthesis of Safety Research Related to Speed and Speed Limits (1998)

Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot Project for the Capital Beltway: Feasibility of Photo-Radar

Effects of Raising and Lowering Speed Limits on Selected Roadway Sections

  • “All too often, speed limits are considered as a cure-all for a community’s traffic ills. Citizens frequently demand speed zoning changes in an effort to develop a quick solution to a complicated traffic problem.”

Study in progress: “Guidance on Setting and Enforcing Speed Limits”

Arizona Department of Transportation


Traffic Engineering Organizations

CA – Transport Canada

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

US – Department of Transportation

US – Transportation Research Board

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Organizations

US – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

US – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Traffic/Enforcement Links

Police Guide

The Police Officer’s Internet Directory

Law Enforcement Links

Surveillance Links

Electronic Enforcement of Traffic Laws

Anti-Speed Enforcement Sites

Yahoo! Search – Speeding

CA – Ontario – Mark Trenouth’s Photo Radar PagesLots of BC Information!

CA – Edmonton, AB – Edmonton Photo Radar

CA – Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg Photo Radar

US – National Motorists Association (NMA)Lots of information!

US – Reasonable Drivers Unanimous

US – WWW Speedtrap RegistryBC Page

US – The Speedtrap BibleLots of information!

US – Mathew Hennessy’s – Tips on Speeding in the USA

NZ – Fast And Safe

NZ – Radar Reporter

AU –

AU –

AU – National Motorists Association Australia Inc.

AU – Speeding in Oz…

AU – Queensland – Speeding and Propaganda

UK – Association of British Drivers

UK – Safe Speed

UK – The UK Speedtrap Guide (lots of photo radar information)

UK – Cybertrucker’s “SpeedLimiters Kill!”

Holland – TufTufClub, “The fist of the driving Dutch punching their kleptomaniac government in the face” (parts in English) Great site!

GER – Michael Heier’s pages about German Speedtraps (in German, includes photo radar)

Fighting Traffic Tickets

Many of the Anti-Speed Enforcement Sites above also contain information on fighting tickets.
BC – The Law Centre – “Defending Traffic Tickets”

BC – Greater Vancouver Law Students’ Legal Advice Society

ON – OTT Legal, Traffic Ticket, Speeding Ticket Defense in Ontario

ON – Ontario Traffic Tickets

ON – Ontario Speeding Speeding Ticket information, how police radar and laser works. Written by a retired traffic cop

ON – Traffic Ticket Solutions

CA – Fight Your Speeding Tickets Page

US – How to Avoid Getting Hung in Traffic Court!

US – Fighting Radar Tickets

US – Frequently Asked Questions on Police Lidar

XCopper – Beat Speeding Tickets

Book: “The Traffic Radar Handbook”

General Legal Resources

BC – Electronic Law Library

CAN – World Wide Legal Information Association

Car Accident Lawyer Informational resource for car accident victims and their loved ones

Anti-Speed Enforcement Publications and Articles

BC – editorial

Car and Driver

Anti-Speed Enforcement Devices

(SENSE does not endorse or recommend the use of any of these products: see our page on obscuring licence plates!)


Radar Detector Information


Driver Education

Pacific Traffic Education Centre

Drive-net “a resource for ALL drivers!”

Car Resources: Teen Driving Page driving resource for teenaged drivers

Distracted Driving Help

BC Automotive Links


GasTips [InTouch] interactive ways for drivers to find the best gas prices

Gasoline Wars [Codecentric] (ditto)

Transpro Communications Highway, ferry, ski reports and more…

British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists

Specialty Vehicle Association of British Columbia

Traffic Humour

The Slower Traffic Keep Right Campaign

Other Interesting Links

Ask Mr. Traffic