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Why Do So Many People Accept That Posted Speed Limits Are Irrefutable? 

Posted limits are rarely questioned by the general public, and speeders are quickly dismissed as law breakers. However, speeding, unlike an offense such as running a red light, depends upon the sign arbitrarily placed upon the side of the road. Am I a high-risk driver if the speed limit was incorrectly set; if the standards later change and the limit is raised; if I have a medical emergency; if I am a police officer without my lights or siren on; if my politician lowered the limit to appease a special interest group and it had no effect upon safety?

Who sets these limits, what criteria is used? Are they based on engineering or political considerations? Why do similar roads have different limits (both locally and internationally)? Why are there no universally accepted methods of setting limits? Why doesn't British Columbia, like California and other jurisdictions, require that speed limits be verified by engineering study before a ticket can be issued? Read on through our other pages for some answers...

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