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Do Higher Speed Limits Result in Even Faster Speeds? 

David L. Harkey, H. Douglas Robertson, and Scott E. Davis. "Assessment of Current Speed Zoning Criteria." Transportation Research Record, 1281 (1990), p. 51.
"Data indicated some reluctance by drivers to speed excessively on higher-speed roadways."

Martin R. Parker. "Effects of Raising and Lowering Speed Limits: Final Report." U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, 1992 October, p. 53.
"Posting lower speed limits does not decrease motorists' speeds.... an increase in the posted speed limit did not create a corresponding increase in vehicle speeds."

"Where speed limits were lowered... There were no changes in the high-speed drivers (99th percentile)."

"At sites where speed limits were raised, ... there was a small decrease in the 99th percentile speed."

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